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Do the portfolios come with pages?

-No, the portfolios do not come with pages. They must be ordered separately.  All of the options for pages can be found in the accessories section of the site.  Each portfolio does however come with a template for hole punching if you plan to print your own pages.  This template will ensure that the holes punched will line up with the screw post configuration of the portfolio. Please note that the screw post configuration in our portfolios does not necessarily match that of any other portfolio or portfolio page on the market.  

Can I personalize a portfolio from the RTG collection?

-No, If you need customization of any kind from foil stamping to pockets you will need to order your portfolio from the custom order online section.  The portfolios in the RTG collection are completed, packed up and ready to ship out

How many pages fit into the portfolios?

-The Hidden Screw Post and Exposed Screw Post portfolios can accommodate any number of pages as the front and back covers are not connected.  The portfolios are held together with screw posts so in order to expand or contract one of these portfolios it is simply a matter of changing the length of the screw posts.  The Coffee Table Style portfolios have a fixed spine width that is chosen when ordering, so the thickness of pages cannot exceed that predetermined measurement.  For example, if it is requested that the portfolio be built to accommodate 1/2" of pages, it will not be possible put 5/8" of pages into that portfolio.  It would be possible, however, to put 3/8" of pages into the portfolio.  It is recommended that, if using fewer pages, that you insert spine spacers to make up for the difference. This will keep the pages from being too loose.

How do I add pages from my portfolio?

-It is very simple to add pages to the portfolios.  Simply twist off the screws, remove the cover or flap and slide the pages over the screw post, place the cover or flap back on and tighten the screws.  If you need a longer screw post you can either add extenders  or replace the screw post with a longer one.  

Will my pages lie flat?

-The way the pages lie really depends on the type of pages that are used.  For example the hinged pages and hinge strips turn very easily and lie very flat because they have a thin flexible fabric hinge that allows the page to fold freely.  If you are printing your own pages that you will hole punch and insert, consider how easily the paper can bend when choosing a thickness, the thinner the paper, the easier it will turn and the flatter it will lie.  The thicker the paper the more difficult it will be to turn and it may even have the tendency to bounce back. Thicker pages can be scored to assist in the turning but they will still not turn as easily as those with a fabric hinge.  The polypropylene pages are made of plastic and therefore do not turn as easily as the hinged pages or hinge strips.  They also have a narrower "gutter" (the area where the page folds) than the hinged pages and hinge strips and for this reason they may not lie completely flat.

What size does my page need to be?

-This measurement can be found in the description for each individual portfolio.  For example an 11 x 14 landscape portfolio has a visible page size of 11" x 14" but the actual page size is 11" x 14 7/8".  The extra 7/8" in the width is necessary for the binding and folding, 5/8" for the binding and 1/4" for the folding.  If you are ordering hinge strips then your trimmed page size should be the exact size that the portfolio is named for.  In the case of the 11" x 14" landscape portfolio, that size would be 11" x 14", when attached to the hinge strip the finished page will be 11" x 14 7/8".

How long will it take to receive my portfolio?

-All custom order placed online take between 1 and 2 weeks (1-3 weeks for BTL portfolios) for production and then another 1-5 days for shipping in the US and 6-10 business days for international orders.  In general, orders that require personalization will take longer than those without.  If you have an approaching deadline it is recommended that you contact us regarding production time.  We always do out best to meet your requests.  Portfolios in the RTG collection will ship out in 1-2 days

I'm printing my own pages, how do I punch the holes?

-Line the template (included with your portfolio) up with each of your pages and use a standard hand held hole punch to punch each of the holes into your page.  If you are using thinner paper you may be able to punch through more than one page at a time.  Be careful to keep the page and template lined up while punching.

How can I clean my portfolio?

-Linen portfolios can be cleaned in a number of ways.  Rolled up packing tape works great for removing dust and lint without leaving marks.  For scuff marks, there is a tool we call "Rubber Portfolio Cleaner" that works great, you can purchase on our site here.  Linen portfolios cannot get wet because a water mark will be left on the fabric and the board that is used as the base of the portfolios will swell.  Many clients have scotch guarded their portfolios with success.  This allows the use of a very slightly damp cloth to wipe down the portfolio.  If you are interested in scotch guarding you can request that an extra piece of the fabric be sent along with your portfolio for testing.  The Metallic, Coated fabric and The Better Than Leather options allow the use of a slightly damp cloth as there is a protective coating on the fabric that prevents the moisture from penetrating the fabric.  These are the best covering choices for portfolios that will be left out or viewed by many people on a regular basis.  The best way to keep any portfolio clean is to keep it in a protective bag or case and when being viewed always clean the area around it it first and keep hands clean as well to prevent grease marks.

How can I be sure that I'll like the color?

-It is highly recommended that you request swatches of the fabrics before placing your order. Swatches are free and can be ordered here. In most cases they will be sent out the next day.  Portfolios are not returnable if the color is not what you had hoped for.  

Can I see how my name will look in one of the fonts before I place my order?

-Unfortunately the fonts that are available in the studio for foil stamping are not digital fonts, they are actual metal type which needs to be hand set, heated and printed.  For this reason, it is not possible to see your name in a particular font before placing your order.  The names and sizes of each font are listed next to the font number so it may be possible for you to find the same or similar font on your computer in which case you can create a layout that will give you a good idea of how it will look.

Can my logo be foil stamped onto my portfolio?

-Yes it most cases.  Please email the artwork of your logo for approval before placing your order to ensure that it is suitable for foil stamping.  Fonts and line or vector artwork are generally fine however photographic images and logos with many or layered colors cannot be foil stamped.   2 color foil stamping can be done if there is at least a 1/8" space between the colors and one is not surrounded by or within the other.  In order to foil stamp a logo, a die must be ordered.  The file for the artwork must be submitted via email in an Adobe Illustrator file that is to scale (2" x 7" maximum), in black and with any fonts outlined.  To outline fonts, open the file in Adobe Illustrator, select all fonts, slick on the TYPE menu and select "CREATE OUTLINES".  This essentially turns the font into an object so that it can be opened and viewed on any computer even if it doesn't have that particular font in it's library.  Come materials cannot be foil stamped or embossed, please refer to the color chart.  If the size of your design does not fit into the 2" x 7" limit we also do screen printing which allows for unlimited size

Can the foil stamping color match my logo?

-The colors available for foil stamping are limited and cannot match Pantone or other color systems.  The standard colors can be seen here.  There are other colors available that are not shown on the chart however because of the complexity of foil stamping, not all colors can be printed on all fabrics so please contact us with your color requests and we will do our best to accommodate that request.  If you need to match a color or would like more flexibilty in color screen printing may be a better option.

Do you ship internationally?

-Yes we do and to most countries you can order directly through the website. Please note that many countries charge an import tax that can, in some cases, be quite high. It is recommended that you look into these taxes before placing your order so that there are no surprise bills from your government when your portfolio arrives?  We are not responsible for these taxes or fees and portoflios are not returnable because of unexpected taxes or fees that are charged

Do you offer a quantity discount?

-Yes if you are ordering 2 or more of the exact same portfolio or box a discount is available.  The discount increases as the quantity increases.  Please email for details as this discount is not available online.

Doyou sell the bookbinding materials?

-We do not sell bookbinding materilas and supplies on this website, please visit