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2 Color Foil Stamping

2 Color Foil Stamping
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Price: $50.00
Availability: Ships in 1-2 weeks
Model: 2FST

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PLEASE NOTE: Foil Stamping cannot be done on "Better Than Leather", "Flax Linen" or RTG portoflios

To enhance and personalize your BOX or PORTFOLIO, you can have the cover foil stamped with your logo, your name, company name or wording of your choice.  Each line of text is limited to 30 charachters and can't be longer than 7" so please keep this in mind when making your choices.  Foil Stamping is not available on the RTG line.  Available colors are Black, Metallic Bronze, Matte Gold, Matte Silver, Dark Red, Medium Red, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and White.  Other colors are available please send an email or call with your requests.  Please use the additional notes text field to describe the placement of the colors.  There must be a minimum of 1/8" between each color segment.

Click here to view the available fonts and samples and here to see a foil stamping color chart.

If using one of the available fonts, please enter your personalization in the space above and type it exactly as you'd like it foil stamped, using capital and lowercase letters in the appropriate places.   If you'd like additional lines of text, please add the foil stamping to your cart for each line and in the notes please describe the positional relationship between the lines.


If you have a specific logo or design that you would like foil stamped, a custom die can be purchased for $85.  This is a one time fee and the die will be stored for any future orders.  

All artwork must be submitted as an illustrator file, in black and to scale with all text outlined.  To outline text:


In illustrator, select all the type in the file, go to the TYPE menu and select CREATE OUTLINES and save.  This turns all the type into objects so that it can be read on any computer even if that computer doesn't have that particular font in it's library.  

The maximum dimension is 2" x 7".  Please email files to for approval

2 Color Foil Stamping
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2 Color Foil Stamping
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